Lya & Taylor

Bone Deep & Harmony was founded by Lya Mojica and Taylor Chen, two mothers living in New York City. Lya and Taylor each spent several years studying yoga, nutrition, and Traditional Chinese Medicine prior to creating BD&H. Their respective paths led each of them to experiment with many trendy and plant-based diets. They noticed that those diets usually focused on elimination of ingredients. While removing foods from their diets, they found themselves pouring money into supplements to compensate for all that was missing from their food - as well as to address inconsistent energy levels, anxiety, and other imbalances.

Under the guidance of acupuncturist Chris Chen, Lya and Taylor both began incorporating bone broth and other traditional whole foods into their diets, and quickly noticed improvements. Seasonal allergies were relieved, hormonal imbalances regulated, chronic anxiety lessened, and years later, broth continued to fortify them while being nursing mothers.

While keeping their own freezers stocked, Lya and Taylor realized that the process of making broth regularly would be a challenge for most New Yorkers - in a city where kitchens are pint-sized and people spend little time at home. Thus began the evolution of a company that could produce broth for a growing group of urban health and food enthusiasts.

The company's commitment to ingredients and process has distinguished BD&H, and has paid off. Lya and Taylor's 'mom & mom' shop has become a unique healing and culinary resource that continues to blossom.

Director of Operations

Our In House Experts
We are very fortunate to work alongside these incredible human beings who devote themselves to healing others. They are our consultants and inspiration. 

Christopher Chen, L.Ac.

Geri Brewster, RD MPH CDN
Geri Brewster is our in-house consultant for everything nutrition related. We are very fortunate to have her on board at Bone Deep & Harmony, advising us not only on bone broth, its benefits, and healing power, but also on health and wellness at large. She has over 30 years of experience working as a dietitian-nutritionist. She began her clinical career specializing in pediatric and young-adult developmental disabilities, including metabolic and gastrointestinal disorders; specialized tube feedings; dysphagia; autism; behavioral, attention, sensory and oral-motor integration disorders; and eating disorders. In her current practice, she develops comprehensive individualized lifestyle, nutritional and supplement programs for each client's specific conditions, with a functional medicine, “whole person” approach. Geri acts as an educator and health coach by explaining the details of metabolism and biochemistry. “She is known to change lives, not just diets.” We couldn’t agree more!