Bone Deep & Harmony was founded with and is directed by commitment to your health and well-being. Having learned about, and experienced the nourishing and therapeutic qualities of bone broth through Traditional Chinese Medicine, we set out to make this simple, nutrient-dense food widely available in New York City.

We honor:

Your Health

  • We take our time! Our broth is gently simmered for 18+ hours to retain the highest nutrient content possible.
  • We carefully source all supplementary ingredients, favoring local organic farms.
  • We produce without preservatives, artificial flavorings or additives.
  • We simmer our broth in stainless steel pots, NEVER in aluminum. Aluminum is highly reactive to acidic and alkaline foods, causing the toxic metal to leach into your food.
  • We consult and collaborate with experts in the fields of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Nutrition, and Functional Medicine. Our in house experts participate in helping us produce the purest bone broths.
  • We offer additional support for healthy eating and lifestyle through our blog and recipe posts.

Animal Welfare

We source from local farms that follow humane practices. Our bones come from pastured cows and chicken raised within the NY tri-state area.

The Environment

Making bone broth is a sustainable practice by its very nature, insofar as its primary ingredients are the parts of the animal that often go to waste. Our commitment to sustainability extends to the biodegradable heavy-duty paper containers we use to package our broth. 

Bone Deep and Harmony’s bone broth is like no other. Delicious and nourishing — my body actually craves it and my skin glows because of it! When I begin my day with bone broth, I have more energy and better digestion. It’s magic. Great product sold by a superb company — caring and warm individuals who treat you right and are passionate about their product.
— Neena B.