Limited Edition Soaps and Lip Balms

We are very proud to finally announce a project that we began collaborating with cool girl and fellow Harlem-ite Erica Robinson. A little about how this came to be...

From the inception of Bone Deep & Harmony, we’ve stood by our values of sustainability and environmental awareness. Our broth makes use of the parts of the animal that often go to waste - the bones. After simmering countless pots of broth, we were curious about one of the by-products: the fat rendered from meaty bones. All the fat is usually skimmed and discarded before packaging our broth. 

We did a little research and discovered that historically, people used the fat not only for cooking, but also for making non-food products. The rendered beef fat, tallow, and pork fat, or lard, were used in the extraction of fragrant compounds from flowers and plants in a process called ‘enfleurage.’  Those extracts were then used in producing balms, perfumes, soaps and candles.  

While we don’t use the tallow from our beef broth to produce non-food ítems -- it’s infused with the aromatics that we use in our broths -- we do use the surplus fat scraps to create other nourishing ítems in partnership with our brilliant friend Erica Robinson of Amberkissed Soaps.

After several tests, together with Erica we came up with two formulas that yield superb emollient soaps and lip balms that utilize tallow as a primary ingredient. Our soaps are gentle and easily absorbed, leaving the skin feeling supple and soft with no greasy residue. They’re wonderful for the face, body, and even for hair! The soaps’ luscious marzipan scent is from pure bitter almond essential oil. Our lip balms are scented with pure peppermint essential oil, making them refreshing and uplifting.

The Virtues of Tallow

·      It is shelf-stable: it is 50-55 % saturated fat, and 40 % monounsaturated fat, similar to coconut oil – another lipid that is a popular ingredient in many natural skin care products.
·      It is biologically compatible with human skin: some say that it is much more compatible with human skin than are plant-based products.
·    It abosrbs easily into the skin and has cell-regenerating qualities.
·    It is naturally packed with fat-soluble nourishing vitamins including vitamins A, D, E,  and K – all those which are commonly added to skincare products.


Soap Ingredients

Organic Coconut Oil
Organic Palm Oil
Safflower Oil
Raw Local Honey
Local (NY)  Pure Beeswax
Bentonite Clay
Vegetable Glycerine
Essential Oil
Purified Water
Sodium Hydroxide (saponifying agent)
Oat protein

Lip Balm Ingredients

Jojoba Oil
Pure Beeswax
Essential Oil